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ICare Napkin Magnetism & Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin Set:

ICare Napkin Magnetism & Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin Set:
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Availability: 10
Model: ICare Magnetic and Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin Set
Manufacturer: 1st Health/UNO
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ICare Napkin Magnetism & Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin

This sanitary napkin is designed specially in mind the customer satisfaction. Four functions (magnetism negative Ion) in one chip carter the needs for healthier living, body and and mind.

"Negative Ion" has the ability to promote metabolism, relieve pressure, tiredness regulate endocrine and dispel unpleasant smells. "Magnetism" has the ability to help body detoxification process, promote blood circulation and blood oxygen level, reduce menstruation's pain and irregular cycle, increase negative ion and adjust the balance between negative and positive ion.


I care Magnetic & Negative Iion Sanitary Napkin has 8 Layers of protection with Perfect Care

1st Layer- Soft cotton thina s silk which has a fast absoption surface that allows liquids to be absorbed three times faster.

2nd Layer- International Standards of " Magnetic & Negative Ion Chips", effectively enhances anti-bacteria capabilities;

3rd Layer- Air-Laid Paper for instantaneous absorption, and to prevent Back Flow

4th Layer- Super absorbent Polymer Dry Paper imported from Japan (Sumitono High Polymers) strongly locks the liquiids in;

5th Layer- Air-laid paper for instanenous absoprtion and to prevent back flow;

6th Layer- Breathable and comfortable bottom layer

7th Layer- Easily released adhesive, designed for women's ergonomic comfort;

8th Layer- Individual enveloped-sealed packages for ease of portability, and to prevent bacterial contaminations


USE ICare Sanitary Napkins series for comfort & heathier living!!!

1 Set / Box contains 6 packs of Day Use ; 3 Packs of Night Use & 3 Packs of Panty Liners

Pantyliner Pack - 30 pads

Day Use Sanitary napkin-10 Pads

Night Use Sanitary Napkins-8 Pads

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ICare Napkin Magnetism & Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin Set:
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