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Ultima C Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C

Ultima C Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C
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Model: Ultima C Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C
Manufacturer: 1st Health/UNO
Average Rating: Not Rated

Content: Sodium Ascorbate 500 mg.
Packaging: 100 Capsules / box
Dosage: Take 1 to 3 capsules daily with beverage or meal or as prescribed by a healthcare professional. 

Ultima-C is a revoluionay yet natural Vitamin-C that is readily absorbed by the body cells. It's unique cellular actions are due to Vitamin-C metabolites that work to maximize cellular utilization of Vitamin C. It is a super antioxidant that strengthens the Immune System of the body to perform atleast 300 necessary functions in the body. Protects the body against flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problem, viral & bacterial infections. Ultima-C is alkaline that's why we are able to stay away from diseases and cancer. 

Ultima-C is effective in addressing the adverse effect of the following:
• Arthritis
• Adrenal Insufficiency
• Alcoholism
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Bleeding Gums
• Bone Abnormalities
• Bruises
• Cancer
• Cataracts
• Confusion
• Colds
• Cough • Dental Cavities
• Depression
• Discomfort from Arthritis
• Easy Bruising
• Effects of Air Pollution
• Effects of Radiation
• Fatigue
• Fever
• Free Radicals
• Gingivitis
• Glaucoma
• Insomniac • Infections
• Loose teeth
• Nosebleeds
• Meningococcemia
• Mental illness
• Nasal
• Poor digestion
• Periodontal Diseases
• Rough skin
• Skin irritation
• Scurvy
• Stress

A breakthrough Vitamin C that's causing no side effect of hyper-acidity. Vit. C is a MUST-HAVE in our household, without Vit. C other vitamins that we are taking will not be fully utilized! Have ONE for your family! 

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Ultima C Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C
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