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Supercharge Extreme

Supercharge Extreme
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Availability: 10
Model: Supercharge Extreme
Manufacturer: 1st Health/UNO
Average Rating: Not Rated

Direction: Take One (1) Capsule 30mins. before desired use. Preferably with empty stomach.

SUPERCHARGED EXTREME CAPSULE have a long effect on testicle element preparation, has remarkable male hormone active albumen assimilation and stimulating marrow making blood function effects which can accelerate blood corpuscle growth and producing sperm. It can effectively ACTIVATE adrenal gland PDA sound factor, dilute and supplement sperms after having sexual intercourse and not bring fatigue and affect kidney due to the reduction of sperms. Supercharged Extreme Capsule have a long lasting effect that is also applicable to female sexual desire. The active ingredients of Supercharged Extreme are purified and extracted from natural precious medicinal edible plants in the sub-tropical zone using advanced technologies. It was widely recognized in the very early time that the active ingredients of these plants has a unique health care effect on nourishing the human body and strengthening the Yang. Pharmacological studies have suggested that after taking this natural plant extracts and combining it with exercise, athletes can also enable their physical strength to reach an extremely high level.

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Supercharge Extreme
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