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Organic Diswashing Liquid (Antibac)

Organic Diswashing Liquid (Antibac)
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Availability: 7
Model: Organic Diswashing Liquid (Antibac)
Manufacturer: 1st Health/UNO
Average Rating: Not Rated

Packaging: 1000 grams/bottle

EIGHT GOOD REASONS why you should use UNO Dishwashing Liquid, Anti-Bacterial over the rest: 

1. It is ALL NATURAL. It is not thick and slimy as we don't use chemical extenders.
2. Our ALL NATURAL composition is free of grease and sticky-like texture.
3. Since it is ALL NATURAL it produces enough suds to clean thoroughly and does not take a long time to wash off the suds.
4. Washes off easily so you don't need a lot of water. You save on time and water.
5. It contains ALL NATURAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL agent that leaves anything you wash GERM-FREE. 
6. It is very kind to the hands as it does not contain harmful hemical ingredients. Your hands will be WRINKLE-FREE even with long use.
7. Has an ALL NATURAL MOISTURIZER that moisturizes your hands while you wash you dishes, utensils, etc.
8. As it is ALL NATURAL, water used to clean you dishes and utensils can be used to water your plants to rid of harmful germs and bacteria.

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