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Business Opportunity

Those who wanted to get bigger discount for UNO/1st Health Products may avail these packages and enjoy exciting PRIVILEGES:

1. Lifetime 30% product discounts and can be availed in all UNO branches nationwide & to our international branches.

2.. Earn up to 450,000 pesos monthly potential income on top of the product discount.

3. Get a BONUS by sponsoring a friend or relative to join or buy the package

4. Enjoy a REBATE by just purchasing the products.

5. Own a WEBPAGE and track your income online 24/7 wherever you are in the world.

6. Get a FAMILY ACCIDENT INSURANCE worth 120,000 pesos ( you & 6 members of the household are covered for 1 year)

7. Unlimited Entrepreneural Trainings



Empower your UNLIMITED SKILLS by joining us & EARN UNLIMITED INCOME!!!


For inquiries on this PROMO, please contact us at 09216783595 or 09999915679.

Email us at

'If you want to earn, don't settle by just being the consumer, be a re-seller, be a distributor,be ONE OF US!"

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